Reggae Bass’n’Breaks

Posted in Almondos DJ Mixtapes on October 16, 2012 by almondos

Gettin’ a bit more lively with this one. Click the hyperlinks below to buy the tracks.

More info to follow…

1. Beat That Chest (Jstar remix) – Dreadsquad & Natalie Storm
2. I Feel Like Jumping – DJ K
3. Nice Up The Session (Dub Pistols Remix) – Pato Banton
4. Dub Room – Rhythm Beater & Benny Page
5. Top Rank Skank (feat Mr Williamz) – Benny Page
6. Champion DJ Serial Killaz VIP Remix – Rebel MC Top Cat
7. Know Fi Move Your Waist – Benny Page
8. Greater than great (Dialect & Kosine rmx) – Skarra Mucci

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Saturday Night’s Alright For Dancing

Posted in Almondos DJ Mixtapes on May 12, 2012 by almondos

1. Beyond Disco (with The Simonsound) – DJ Format
2. Let’s Dance and Freak – Kerrier District
3. Bounce – Mr Scruff
4. My Daddy Waza (Ezequiel Lodeiro’s Latinazo Dub) – Kid Loco
5. Two Planets (Mr. Benn’s Bumbaclog Remix) – The Magic Fly Featuring Ricky Ranking
6. Come With Me (J-Boogie Remix) – Daz-I-Cue
7. Disco Bus – Kerrier District
8. Ale’ Sofi (Captain Planet Remix) – Cloak and Dagger
9. Happiness (Bone Us Mix) – Nightmares on Wax
10. Release Da Freak (Simbad Remix) – Pablo Sanchez Feat. Colonel Red
11. When I Come Back Around (Freeform Reform) – Jamie Lidell

1. Kicks off with DJ Format and the The Simonsound mixing up some hip hop / disco so you can’t say fairer than that. Taken from DJ Format’s latest album Statement of Intent, and a treat it is too. The Simonsound is Simon James and Matt Ford (DJ Format). Their album of moogy delights ‘Reverse Engineering‘ is available on Bandcamp. And you know I love Bandcamp! The clip at the start “I’m trying to demonstrate to you my stuff” is from a great Luke Vibert track. Google it.

2. Second up is the first of two tracks taken from Luke Vibert‘s 2004 Nu Disco album under the moniker Kerrier District. Now if only I could get my hands on the Kerrier District 3 record at a reasonable price.

3. Third is some bouncy goodness from Manchester’s Mr Scruff. Taken from the Feel It single from last year. Where’s this new album then Scruffy? Get a move on!

4. Next up we have Kid Loco from his recent Bastard Jazz 12″ My Dada Waza. Really like this record and there is some fine remixes on there.

5. All aboard for another cut from Bastard Jazz. This time we are going back to 2009 with a Mr Benn remix of The Magic Fly’s 2 Planets. Some proper bass injected here.

6. Next in the mix is Daz-I-Cue remixed by J Boogie. Don’t know much about Daz-I-Cue I’m afraid though been loving J Boogies output of late, so always on the look out for remixes etc. I found this on the Digital Gems compilation from Berlin based label Sonar Kollektiv.

7. … and here we have the second Kerrier District track. Get aboard The Disco Bus!

8. A Captain Planet remix is always welcome and here we delve into a Tropical-flamenco-house style groove with a remix of Cloak and Dagger. Already played this one out and it’s a winner. Check it out here.

9. And here we are going way way back. I’ve been going through all my CDs ripping them to FLAC, as the first time I did them as mp3s and totally regretted it. THe upside is listening to long lost stuff again. Here is Nightmares from Wax, can it really be twenty years ago?? Fuck me. Still brings Happiness. Boom! More upbeat than NOW’s later output and more housey than their debut bleepy album. Nice happy organ sounds. I looped a little samba groove over the top.

10. Next up is a track from the Turntables On The Hudson compilation from last year Reflecting Cielo on Wonderwheel Recordings. This album is full of choice tunes and worth investing in for sure. Here we have Release Da Freak by Pablo Sanchez remixed by Simbad.

11. And wrapping the whole thing up we have another Warp Records oldie, but not going as far back this time. Here we have Jamie Lidell from 2006 with When I Come Back Around. This is the Freeform remix taken from the remix album Multiply Additions.

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Don’t be a melt.

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Live at the St Helens Junction Cocktail Hour

Posted in Almondos DJ Mixtapes on April 19, 2012 by almondos

1. Speaking Of Happiness – Suonho
2. And I Love You – Suonho
3. Again & Again (DJ Format Mix) – Speedometer
4. Perdido (Suonho Swingin Disco Mix) – Gloria Lynne
5. The Journey / Ghana ’74 (Dusty Remix) – The Boogoos
6. Betrayal (Dusty Remix) – Fredericks Brown
7. Love Me Good (Yoga Edit) – Ray Lugo
8. Passive Aggressive – Lack of Afro
9. Mt Daddy Waza (Suonho Remix) – Kid Loco
10. I Dream of Bahia (Cachaca Edit) – Ray Lugo
11. It’s On Fire (feat Lateef The Truthspeaker) – J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
12. Vamos a Comer (Dusty Edit) – Makala

A live mix from behind the chicken wire at St Helens Junction at Cocktail Hour. On the Mojitos!

Been listening to Suohno and Dusty a lot as you can see from the mix. Lots of Suohno remixes in the mix as well as Dusty remixes and tracks from his label Jazz & Milk. Check them out!

The first two tracks come from the Editorial EP VOl. 2 released November last year on Editorial. Here Suonho shows his well honed and tasteful editing skills to great effect.

Third up there is a DJ Format (his new site and tour details here) remix from the Sounds From The Soul Underground compilation from the Freestyle label, released earlier this year. Some top tunes for all you soul freaks.

Fourth is another Suonho edit. As he says on his soundcloud page “i’m pleased to present my rework of such a cult tune! it’s a track originally produced by the Genius of Raymond Scott in 1958”. Raymond Scott, who’d have thunk it!

Fifth we have Dusty, label boss of Jazz & Milk records on afrobeat remix duties. You can pick this and more from Jazz & Milk over at Bandcamp, which for FLAC fans like me, is good news $$$ wise!

Sixth another Dusty remix on Jazz & Milk, this time some more afrobeat goodness from Fredericks Brown.

Seventh a recent release from Jazz & Milk but this time no Dusty (what??? – ed). Instead it’s a Ray Lugo track from the recent album We Walk Around Like This. Another one from this later!

At eight we have a Lack of Afro track Passive Aggressive. Not sure of its availability before but I got it on a sampler for the upcoming collection of Remixes and Rarities on Freestyle. I always look out for Lack of Afro remixes as there are some corkers, so looking forward to this release 30th April.

Ninth tune is another Suonho remix (last one I promise) this time from the brand spanking new, and awesome, Kid Loco single from Bastard Jazz. Listen to all the mixes here, then go get it!

Tenth is another cut from Ray Lugo on Jazz & Milk. Worth checking out his stuff for sure. And he knows how to boogaloo I seem to recall. Safe!

Eleventh we’ve got It’s On Fire from J Boogie’s excellent recent album Undercover. If you haven’t checked it out yet it’s a treat, with everything from cumbia, soul, disco in a really good coherent listen. Dance up!

Twelfth and rounding us off is a Dusty remix (who’d have guessed!) of Basque Country DJ and Producer Makala.

Crack open some cocktails or whatever is your brew and enjoy. Adiós for now!

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Technoid Cockroach Mixup

Posted in GFunkElectric DJ Mixtapes on April 18, 2012 by almondos

Here’s a mix by my more techno-esque GFunkElectric persona. Get amongst it!

1. Looka Dat (Vibert Mix) – Chevron
2. Qarth – Syntheme
3. Cosmic Awakening – DMX Krew
4. Ragysh (Original) – Todd Terje
5. Craejrzhd – Global Goon
6. Approaching Rainbow – Lone
7. Space Paranoia – Ceephax Acid Crew
8. Human Meadow (Luke Vibert Remix) – Falty DL
9. Believe – Mr Scruff
10. Artierial Acid Part 1 – Ceephax Acid Crew
11. Coreshine Voodoo – Lone
12. Does It Look Like I’m Here? (Daphni Mix 1) – Emeralds

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Almondos Dance Up Pt.1

Posted in Almondos DJ Mixtapes on April 6, 2012 by almondos

Bit of an eclectic 4×4 dancefloor mixup. Enjoy! Links below for the tunes…

1. Sound of Breaking Glass – Expanding Head Band
2. Jump – Sabo & Zeb
3. Hidden Treasure ft. Sabira Jade & Kwasi Asante (DJ Vadim Re Rub) – DJ Vadim
4. Pinky (Monkey Safari Remix) – Zombie Disco Squad
5. Suave Drink Down (J Boogie RMX) – Mr. V Meets Elvis Crespo
6. Free For The Girls (Richard Sen Remix) – Black Devil Disco Club
7. Lisa Lisa Lisa (Chuck Wild Remix) – Yellow Alex & The Feelings
8. NYC – Sabo & Zeb
9. Congaloid – Solo
10. Shift (Baymont Aventure Refunk) – Fort Knox Five
11. Battle of The Planets (The Simonsound) – DJ Format

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Tropical Allsorts (Take 2)

Posted in Almondos DJ Mixtapes on March 29, 2012 by almondos

Click on the links to buy the tracks and enjoy!

1. Sina Makossa Remix – Uproot Andy & Chief Boima

2. Bacalao Al Pil-Pil (Dj Farrapo Remix) – Makala
3. Ran Kan Kan (Thunderball vs The Fort Knox Five remix) – Tito Puente
4. Get A Wiggle On (Suonho remix) – Renegades of Jazz
5. Maldita Guerra – Randomised Coffee
6. Brazuca – Sid Vaga
7. Ay Loco – Sabo
8. Hit & Run (Captain Planet Remix) – Chip Wickham
9. Pomba Giro – Sabo & Zeb

First up is the excellent Uproot Andy giving that electronic tropical vibe a plenty to Chief Boima‘s ‘Sina Makossa’ from the African In New York E.P. Well worth checking out here on bandcamp. A bargain, and as always with bandcamp, FLAC at no extra cost.

Second up we’ve got a track off Makala‘s 2011 album Unexpected Tapas. Nice vibes from the Basque country.

Third we have the mighty Tito Puente remixed by the always funky The Fort Knox Five.

Fourth the reliable Italian Suonho remixes Renegades of Jazz. There’s a tasty looking Suonho remix coming up of Kid Loco soon on Bastard Jazz so keep your ears peeled for that.

Fifth up is some nice electro latin vibes from Randomised Cafe.

Up at six we have the New York imprint Wonderwheel Recordings with a tasty bit of electro-samba courtesy of Sid Vaga.

At seven DJ Sabo hits the spot with some Brazilian call and response with a track from his tasty and tropical Sol Selectas label.

Eighth up is a track from the new collection of Remixes/Remixed involving the one and only Captain Planet, fresh out on Bastard Jazz.

And finally last up another Sol Selectas cut from Sabo & Zeb.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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Cumbia and other tales. A mixtape for 500 Miles High.

Posted in Almondos DJ Mixtapes on March 8, 2012 by almondos

I have put together a mixtape for Lord Muck’s 500MH music blog.

I urge you to go and see his blog here to enjoy lots of good tunes and things to read.

1. John Henry (Thornato Remix) – Harry Belafonte

2. El Ritmo (feat Deuce Eclipse & Caipo of Bang Data) – J Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
3. Bogle – Mungo’s Hi Fi
4. K Le Pasa (So Shifty Remix) – El Dusty
5. Cumbia Salvaje (J Boogie Instrumental) – Empressarios
6. 2 Sips & Magic (feat. The New York Gypsy Allstars) – Nickodemus
7. Move It – Balkan Beat Box
8. Dem Can’t Stop We From Talk feat. Jahdan (Bleepolar Remix) – Anthony B
9. Hold Me (Quincey Jointz Remix) – jazz.K.lipa feat. Soom T

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